Bright Gradient



Join my six-week, personalized program to align your subconscious mind with your current purpose and goals and achieve personal & professional success. 


Vision and Future Focus works with your subconscious mind - this is where our “default” programming is that dictates the course of our lives.

If you are having trouble accomplishing your desires or getting rid of unwanted thoughts and/or behaviors, this is because you don’t have a program to support that change. So, most people change the desire to fit their programs.  We change the program to fit the desire. 

Bright Gradient

“I took Steve's Vision and Future Focus Program. The primary purpose is to connect people with their purpose and potential and how to effectively develop this new found knowledge to achieve relevant goals.


His course also teaches how to eliminate the negative, habitual loop, which is our default mode based on previous experience. This tremendously helped me fully realize failing was not an option and that all things aligned with my purpose and desires were possible.”

D. Waters, Author of: "I Slept Through the American Dream." and

"Appealing the Death Sentence of Valley Fever."