Join my six-week, personalized program to align your subconscious mind with your current purpose and goals and achieve personal & professional success. 

Vision and Future Focus  aligns your subconscious mind - this is where our “default” programming is that dictates the course of our lives.

If you are having trouble accomplishing your goals or getting rid of unwanted thoughts and/or behaviors, this is because you don’t have a program to support that change. So, most people change the desire to fit their programs.  We change the program to fit the desire. 

"Participating in the Vision and Future Focus Program has opened me up to a new way of thinking and living my life. It has guided me toward my purpose, and I am happier and have more energy.  


The understanding that thoughts and visions become outcomes has changed my way of thinking. I very much appreciate Steve’s approach to teaching. He is smart and understanding and really helped me put the pieces together."


Jeff Jones: Business Owner, CEO Ketchum, ID 

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