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Vision and Future Focus Program Description


What is Vision and Future Focus?


Vision and Future Focus is designed for people who want to take their life to a new level. People who want clarity and expansion in career and financial freedom, relationships, confidence or personal development. People who want to rid themselves of unwanted thoughts and behaviors. People who want to achieve their goals, dreams, and desires!


We begin with current purpose discovery. When you know your purpose, you run on inspiration, not motivation. The problem with motivation is it rarely shows up and when it does it doesn’t last. Besides, you don’t need to be motivated to do the things you're inspired to do!  


Vision and Future Focus is a six-week program focused on aligning the subconscious mind with your current purpose and goals. This is important because we run 95% of our day from the subconscious mind. This is where our “default” programming is that dictates the course of our lives. If you are having trouble accomplishing certain things (desires) or getting rid of unwanted thoughts and/or behaviors, this is because you don’t have a program to support that change. So, most people change the desire to fit their programs. At Vision . . . we change the program to fit the desire. 


You will learn the science of how the mind operates and proven tools to maximize this operation. You will learn how to pivot from negative thinking, recognize positive opportunities, and train the brain to focus on your desired path.


Upon agreement, participant will receive the Vision materials. Assignments/exercises etc., are given weekly and then meetings are held to go over assigned work (Zoom or in person). Remember all programs are personalized to address participant’s purpose, goals and desires. 


At the completion of the program, you will have a personalized template for achieving your purpose and goals. This template is something that will last forever, you simply plug new goals into it as you achieve your current goals. 


I have seen clients apply these techniques to almost all areas of their lives. Vision and Future Focus can show you how to find your current purpose, start a completely new career path or take the path you're on to a whole different level. You can apply Vision and Future Focus to improve wellness, relationships, finances, confidence and replace worry and stress with serenity and inspiration.

When we are not aligned with our current purpose and interests, we move through life feeling uneasy. . . like something is missing. This is not our intended condition. There is a need for renewed confidence, hope, self-sufficiency and clarity.


When we are operating aligned with our purpose, desires and interests, life takes on a whole new meaning. There is movement where we were once “stuck.” There is excitement, inspiration, hope and confidence. There is a new-found sense of mental, physical and spiritual well-being. There is a new you!

Align your Mind…Achieve your goals!


The Specifics...

This program covers a period of six weeks, and meeting times will be scheduled weekly (once a week in person or video conferencing and once a week by phone and/or video conferencing, or entire program can be done remotely when appropriate) upon agreement between client and S. Dillon Consulting LLC. 


A personalized program will be developed for the client based on their discovered purpose, objectives, goals and aspirations. Instruction, training and processing in the following areas will comprise their program. Additional personalized, relevant material will be added. 

  1. Current Purpose Identification/Interest Assessment: tools and experience to pursue identified interests.

  2. The science of the brain, how it works and how to use and control it to achieve your goals.

  3. Goal setting and effective, practical implementation.

  4. Positive human emotions, what they are and their importance. 

  5. Inside the conscious and subconscious mind: what are they, how they work and how to work them.

  6. The science of and effective use of affirmations and visualization (it's likely not what you think).

  7. Effective, informed, inspired decision making.

  8. Rewiring the brain: aligning the conscious (creative mind, goals, dreams, desires) with the subconscious mind (default programs), so they are both working to fulfill your goals, dreams and desires.

  9. Homework: activities, reading, documentaries etc., which complement and reinforce instruction.

  10. Practical application instructions. You will not only know what to do, but exactly how to do it!

  11. Continued access to S. Dillon Consulting LLC for questions, support etc., following the Program.


*All materials (books, documentaries, worksheets etc.), are provided

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