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I was working hard and had a growing business, but I was feeling overwhelmed and not really enjoying my life. Then I met Steve and took Vision and Future Focus. Steve guided me in a discovery process that has changed my life forever. He showed me how to align my goals with my purpose and now my business is not only continuing to grow, but it is thriving, and I know how to enjoy it!


I no longer have to work, work, work – now I know how to work, play, relax, and have balance in my life. Vision and Future Focus taught me how to enjoy all the aspects of my life!

Shari Rigg: Executive Director for Stepping Stones Behavioral Health Missoula, MT 12/20/2020

Participating in the Vision and Future Focus Program has opened me up to a new way of thinking and living my life. It has guided me toward my purpose, and I am happier and have more energy.  


The understanding that thoughts and visions become outcomes has changed my way of thinking. I very much appreciate Steve’s approach to teaching. He is smart and understanding and really helped me put the pieces together.

Jeff Jones: Business Owner, CEO Ketchum, ID 01/10/2021

My time in Montana working with Steve through the Vision and Future Focus program was, and continues to be, a wonderful, transformative experience. 


Steve is an educated, dedicated, compassionate guide and mentor, with a good sense of humor, and he makes sure we don’t forget to have fun too. Steve models a positive approach to life and living one’s purpose. Vision and Future Focus has given me the tools to create whatever future I want. I awake each new day confident, present, inspired and happy, empowered to be the best version of myself.

Hugh Sutherland: Santa Barbara, CA 12/31/2020

Taking VFF has impacted my life on levels I could never have imagined. The profound tools that I have learned with Steve’s program have allowed me to create my own reality, find and pursue my purpose, and manifest the life I’ve dreamed of.


I start every day with the highest sense of appreciation, energy, and inspiration to be the best version of myself! Becoming aligned with my purpose has been very empowering and I am achieving my goals and desires on exceptional levels. I started seeing changes in my life from the beginning of the program and the impact grows daily! Steve’s program has truly changed my life.

Ashley Harris: Realtor, Transaction Coordinator, Entrepreneur, Missoula, MT 12/08/2020

When your conscious, creative mind is aligned with your subconscious mind, the sky is not the limit…the mind is! My business income more than doubled this year since taking Vision, I have created a team of realtors, all of which are required to take Vision and Future Focus. I have much more free time and frankly, we are killing it!

Mike Hyde: Realtor, Entrepreneur Florence, MT 05/05/2020

I have spent much time throughout my life listening and reading self-improvement tapes and books.  I have set goals, written, read and visualized the affirmations of the goals that I had set.  With all of that said, I have had a pretty successful life.  However, the over-the-top achievement and inner peace has pretty much eluded me…I was never able to completely connect the dots. 


After going through the Vision and Future Focus Program with Steve, I am soaring toward my goals and for the first time in my life, have a quiet brain and inner peace.  I know that I will achieve everything that I choose to and I walk around with a “glow” on every day!

Stan Dugdale: Civil Estimator / Project Manager Florence, MT 03/10/2021

The Vision and Future Focus Program has given me a clarity and focus that I never imagined possible. Steve has helped my find a source of confidence within myself that has empowered me to set goals I would have never dreamed possible. I highly recommend Steve’s program.

Lisa Dugdale: Realtor, Entrepreneur Florence, MT 03/20/2021

Going through VFF with Steve has been life changing.  Vision and Future Focus has helped me implement a daily routine that has given me the ability to achieve my dreams and goals.  By directing my thoughts and emotions to the positive future, anything is possible.  Steve has a unique step by step program to help you achieve all you desire!

Kalli Hyde: RN, Wife, Mom, Badass.  Florence, MT 3/20/2021

If I told you exactly how radical of a change Steven Dillon’s Vision program changed my life, you may not believe it. Steven’s inspiring, practical lessons helped me live the life I was meant to live.


I realized it’s never too late to fulfill dreams that you’ve had but hadn’t visualized for yourself. Vision showed me that not only is it possible, but it was right in front of me.


I can’t express enough how grateful I am to Steve for the guidance and wisdom he provided me. I was able to change my life in such dramatic ways that I amazed not only myself but my friends and family. 


I will be forever appreciative to Steve for his teachings and insight and patience.

Jennifer Guernsey: Artist, Ojai, CA 03/02/2020

When you can’t achieve your goals and desires, it’s because you don’t have a subconscious program to support it. Most people change their real desires to fit their “old” programs they do have.  


At Vision, Steve shows you how to “wire in” or create new subconscious programs to support the desires. It’s awesome! This way, you are running your life from a place of inspiration instead of motivation. And we all know that motivation is a struggle and doesn’t last. We have been taught that, “grinding, struggle, long hours and hard work” are the keys to success, they’re not…this is!

Maureen Hemming: Interior Designer, Santa Barbara, CA 03/08/2020

I took Steve's Vision and Future Focus Program. The primary purpose is to connect people with their purpose and potential and how to effectively develop this new-found knowledge to achieve relevant goals.


His course also teaches how to eliminate the negative, habitual loop, which is our default mode based on previous experience. This tremendously helped me fully realize failing was not an option and that all things aligned with my purpose and desires were possible.”

D. Waters, Author of: "I Slept Through the American Dream." and
"Appealing the Death Sentence of Valley Fever." Ventura, CA 01/20/2020

After taking Vision and Future Focus: nothing and I mean nothing is out of reach! Steve Loves and lives Vision and it shows.

Anonymous: Hollywood, CA 08/12/2020

I want to thank you for your Vision and Future Focus Program and for your guidance in making a life-changing mental shift. Vision has been beyond helpful in all aspects of my life. Vision is a mental adjustment that changes how you see and think about every situation from the minute you wake up, every day.

Bobbie Twite: Owner, Twite Reality, Investor, Entrepreneur. Bitterroot Valley, MT 04/10/2021

Taking Vision and Future Focus with Steve Dillon was and continues to be a life-altering experience. Nothing is out of reach, and I mean nothing. I have achieved my wishes and desires through the reprogramming of my subconscious mind, all of which I learned throughout the program.

Skye Peterson: College Student, Adventurer. Florence, MT 03/06/2021

I’ve had a lot of different “coaching” in my life, but nothing like Steve’s Vision Program. This applied information and techniques and especially the morning routine, positively affected almost every area of my life. And, where was this program when I was first starting out, making connections and learning to memorize lines?!

Anonymous: Los Angeles, CA 03/20/2021

It has been an unprecedented year.  A year full of fear, discontent, and despair… a worldwide pandemic which created subsequent shutdowns of normal life activities.  I soon realized the biggest “battlefield” we had to contend with was in “The Mind.”  


My husband and I decided to go on the offensive, and we both enrolled in Steve Dillon’s Vision and Future Focus Program.  And, what an amazing journey it has been for both of us!  As small businessowner’s, the early Covid-19 basically “shut down” our business too.  It was terrifying and frustrating. 


Taking Steve’s program allowed us to be able to pivot.  To make a transmission from fear to faith.  We have decided to not only embark on the six-week program, but to make Vision and Future Focus a priority for the remainder of our lives.  Thank you so much Steven Dillon for your great leadership.  We are truly blessed to know you…

Julie Richter: Owner Compass Insurance, Missoula, MT 12/28/2020



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