Align your Mind

Achieve your Goals!

The course begins with current purpose discovery. When you operate under the umbrella of your run on inspiration, not motivation.

Recent Client Purpose Discoveries


  • To use my compassion and problem-solving skills to help others be successful.



  • To use my positive and creative influence to provide people an inspired, joyful and beneficial experience around wellness and lifestyle.

       (Interior Designer, Wellness Coach)


  • To use my knowledge and creativity to inspire, teach and present to others so they may collaborate, cooperate and listen to each other for their benefit, the benefit of others and the world.

       (High-school teacher)


  • To use my knowledge and insight to empower others to be in harmony with themselves and others, while living a life of vibrancy and appreciation.

       (Small Business Owner)


  • To use my creativity and communication skills to entertain, inspire and engage people in familiar and unfamiliar aspects of life.

       (Oscar Winning Actor)