Align your Mind

Achieve your Goals!

The course begins with current purpose discovery. From there you will learn to create the conditions for change: 

  • Understand the science of the brain, how it works, and how you can control it for your benefit.

  • Create an effective and practical plan of action for achieving your goals.

  • Understand the importance of positive human emotions, and how they can help you.

  • Understand the conscious and subconscious mind: how they work and how to work them.

  • Connecting affirmations, visualizations and positive human emotions. 

  • Effective, informed decision-making.

  • Rewiring the brain: positive cognition and perspective shift.


By working with your thought process, you will teach your subconscious brain to aid you in living a life with purpose and joy.

The Entire Program can be done by Video Conference! 

Vision and Future Focus Course Description

This course is designed to teach you to align your mind with your highest desires and vision. Having a clear vision of your career, financial, educational, relationship, or personal development goals is only the start.


You will learn to train your subconscious mind by using conscious mind exercises and programming.  In other words, you will plant the seeds for change and allow them to grow.  You will also learn to get out of your own way so that you do not impede your progress because of old programming.


By allowing the subconscious mind to do the heavy lifting, change will come naturally. Stop the cycle of thoughts that have kept you from fulfilling your potential. Start living a life of fulfilled desires and joy.

A personalized program is developed based on your discovered current purpose, objectives, goals and aspirations. All instructions will have practical application.  Weekly sessions will teach you what to do, and how to do it!

Sessions are two hours each.  Meetings can be in person or video conference. You can expect homework assignments that include worksheets, reading, and documentaries, etc., which complement and reinforce instruction.

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Align your Mind 

Achieve your Goals!



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