Your Purpose

The number-one thing that prevents most people from achieving their goals is the way they think about those goals. Whether consciously through poor decision-making, or subconsciously through past experiences and unknown biases, our patterns of thinking can either be our own worst enemy or our greatest ally. Vision & Future Focus delivers techniques — rooted in time-honored science — that unlock the subconscious and connect the conscious to create a synergistic supercell of personal potential.


Vision & Future Focus is a six-week online (video conferencing) or in-person program focused on aligning the subconscious mind with your current purpose and ultimate goals in life. This alignment is paramount to your success because 95% of your day-to-day mental activity happens within your subconscious mind. This “default” programming will dictate the course of your life and influence the majority of your decisions, which is why reconfiguring your current state with your desired state is necessary to realize a lifetime of accomplishments.

Like many, if you continually struggle with reaching your goals or overcoming your most undesired thoughts, reactions, and behaviors, it’s likely because you don’t have a program to support your chosen changes with clarity and focused consistency. And, while most programs require you to change to fit the program — Vision & Future Focus changes the program to fit you — creating the psychological support system that generates concentrated action.

We begin with “Current Purpose Discovery.” When you know your purpose, your mind runs on inspiration, not motivation. The problem with motivation is that it rarely shows up, and when it does, it doesn’t last long. Motivation is fragile, whereas inspiration is powerful. When you’re living a life that’s relentlessly inspired, you don’t need motivation to help make your decisions.

In the beginning, you will learn the science of how the mind operates, and how you can utilize proven tools to maximize your mind’s operation. You will learn how to pivot from negative thinking in order to recognize positive opportunities and train your brain to focus on your desired path instead of dwelling on past damaging thoughts. This alone will change your life in more ways than you know.

Upon agreement, you will receive all program resources — plus, whatever personalized materials are appropriate — then, weekly meetings will be scheduled to address questions, reinforce key points, and provide the ongoing guidance that will ensure the Vision & Future Focus program works for you. (You can learn more about this on the Program page.)

After program completion, you will have a personalized, programmable template for setting goals, achieving aspirations, and realizing your highest purpose in all areas of your life. This template — engineered to your way of thinking — is something that will last forever; you’ll take it with you throughout your life, plugging in new goals and objectives as they come to you.

The Vision & Future Focus program can be applied to health and wellness, personal relationships, finances, entrepreneurship, self-mastery, substance addiction and recovery, and any other area of life that requires the rewiring of your subconscious mind in order to make a change that will last a lifetime.

No matter our age or upbringing, when we are not aligned with our current purpose (or engaged in the active pursuit of our interests), we move through life feeling uneasy, as though something is missing and we’re not really living. Unfortunately, this feeling has become “normal” for far too many individuals, especially now with the introduction of many disruptive technologies and social media — this is not our intended condition. As humans, we’re meant for more.


When we are operating in alignment with our purpose, desires, and interests, life takes on a whole new meaning. There is movement where we once felt “stuck.” There is excitement where we once felt despair. There is inspiration where we once felt hopelessness. And there is confidence where we once felt defeat.

There is a newfound sense of mental, physical, and spiritual wellbeing — there is a new you. And, with Vision & Future Focus, that new you can be born.